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July 8, 1889 was the date the Wall Street Journal laid its foundation and published its first issue in lower Manhattan. Since its inception, WSJ gained significant notoriety for publishing financial and Op-ed pieces. The newspaper operates out of New York City, however multiple editions, such as The Asian Wall Street Journal and The Wall Street Journal Europe operate from Hong Kong and Brussels respectively.

Contemporary Coverage

The reason WSJ gained respect from political pundits and business experts is primarily their detail-oriented coverage. In fact, WSJ intricately scans the political and financial climate to create occasional feature articles on a variety of topics.

Publication and Circulation

WSJ comes out six days a week, Monday through Saturday. The Sunday issue was discontinued in 2015. As of now, the total circulation of the newspaper spans over 2 million throughout the American, Asian, and European market.

Political Outlook

Over the years, the newspaper giant has been fairly critical towards both the right and left, however the publication is famous for its moderate conservative approach to tackle news stories. They seek out various sources from different backgrounds, including religion, gender, race, economic, geographic, etc.

Awards & Achievements

WSJ received 35 Pulitzer Prizes, including for coverage of the 9/11 attack, global financial scandals, and insightful political critique.

WSJ Selection Criteria and Nature of Articles

Besides extensive financial and stock market analysis, WSJ publishes readers’ letters, reviews, comments, a life and arts section, and long structured political pieces. And a majority of the editorial pages of the WSJ opinion section covers business interests.

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