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The foundation of The Economist was laid down at the turn of the 19th century by a Scottish businessman and economist James Wilson to raise awareness regarding unjust trade regulations. It was later expanded into politics and global interests. The Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company of The Economist, provides research and analytical insight into global financial and treasury strategies.

Liberal or Conservative?

Since the inception of the first publication, The Economist has evolved to be one of the best news coverage portals for readers across the Globe. One of its core principles is to be honest and fair and is based on objective facts and analysis that does not take political views into consideration.

Range of Coverage

The majority of The Economist publication entails international coverage of business, finance and economics, political landscapes, science and technology, books and the arts, and independent op-ed pieces.

Integrated Blog Posts

As of now, the magazine and news publication giant also encompasses a variety of unique sub-sectioned blog posts such as Bartleby, Democracy in America, Erasmus, Game Theory, Bagehot’s notebook, Charlemagne’s notebook, Prospero, and Gulliver.

How The Economist Chooses Stories

The criteria to decide the weekly issue of The Economist involves discussions from chief editors, planners, and research writers to draw attention towards most talked about and ignored stories. Section editors present a number of news stories to the editor-in-chief for finalization. The cover designs are illustrated as soon as the topics are chosen. Large parts of the stories essentially contain analytical reporting of news stories that are driven through editorial debate.

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