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Michael Bloomberg laid the foundation of Bloomberg in early 1981. Before transforming into a powerful political force, Michael Bloomberg was a renowned Wall Street name. After his twenty-year-long journey working as an investment banker, Bloomberg decided to launch his empire of business information.

Nature of Coverage

The journalists working at Bloomberg pay close attention to business and financial market stories. In essence, their coverage represents idealism and pragmatism about the global economic transformation. Furthermore, they also publish environmental, litigation, and social dynamics articles.

Their quality of writing always comes across as diverse, captivating, and concentrated. Writers have the freedom to present their opinions and form collaborative efforts with colleagues for more valuable stories. In fact, Bloomberg often publishes innovative business ideas that manage to capture the interest of business leaders around the world.

The Current State of Bloomberg

Essentially, Bloomberg has become a quality standard of information for Wall Street. It is a global champion when it comes to financial data, analytical insight, and news. For instance, Bloomberg uses automated data technology to gather and verify the authenticity of financial market information. It allows decision-makers to understand financial markets better and make calculative decisions.

Awards and Circulation

As of now, Bloomberg has managed to earn up to 800 various awards since 1990 alone, which includes a Pulitzer Prize for impeccable reporting in 2015. Bloomberg tens of thousands subscribers, many include influential individuals in the financial world.

Division of Services

Apart from the Bloomberg Terminal and financial market coverage, it also has a worldwide multimedia presence. Bloomberg comprises weekly magazine, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and radio/television broadcasts. With an extensive amount of products and services, Bloomberg remains one of the world’s prominent hubs for business and financial news.

What about Bloomberg Businessweek?

Primarily, Bloomberg Businessweek involves “Weekly Reports” that cover a wide array of topics. The coverage can range from a technological advancement that might affect the business community to a story that solely highlights capitalist efforts of the 21st century.

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